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Based in Dana Point, California we are a retirement wealth management firm focused on aligning your finances with your life goals.

Our mission is to simplify your experience in preparing for and navigating retirement. Decades of experience allow us to apply considerable knowledge to your investment strategy and focus on our mutual goal to preserve and grow your assets while helping you avoid unnecessary risks.

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Shelly’s Life By Design

My husband always did our financial planning until he lost his eyesight several years ago. I personally didn’t understand the stock market, bonds, ways to shield or defer Capital Gains or anything about financial planning for that matter.

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I was referred to Monique at Life By Design Investment Advisory Services and what a blessing she was, has been and continues to be. Over time she has transformed our portfolio into something we are both very proud of and comfortable with.

I trust her implicitly to make all decisions that she feels are best for us and she does an amazing job of watching and protecting our investments and making changes when necessary to benefit us.

Monique is incredibly knowledgeable and has helped us actualize the lifestyle we want- a Life By Design. Growing old will be so much better for us with Monique taking care of us, she was the perfect fit! - Shelly I.

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Mary’s Retirement Plan

I began working with Monique Marshall at Life By Design Investment Advisory Services following the death of my husband. Monique simplified my financial planning journey as I dealt with the various insurance payouts.

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She organized and put money in the correct “buckets” to ensure my financial success as a widow and mother of two (one just starting college and the other one in high school). 

I realized I was beginning my retirement planning 10 years before I was ready to in-fact retire; thus making the transition process or experience to retirement easier, or should I say less scary! I didn’t think I was in a position to retire at age 60, but LBDIAS’ process kept me on track in order to do so.

Monique ensured my preparedness for the different aspects of retirement, i.e. enjoying life in retirement as well as being in a good financial position. I feel very comfortable with the monthly income from my various accounts and my other income sources. I also have a long term care plan in place (if needed).

It’s comforting to have a firm base and a very knowledgeable financial planner to work with. I have an exceptional working relationship with the LBDIAS staff, not to mention the ease of being able to sign in electronically to see the current status of all my accounts.

LBDIAS is my home base to validate I have everything in place for a successful and long retirement as well as a living trust to make sure things are in place when I’m gone. Finally, it’s worth noting that I’ve worked with LBDIAS during pretty major life events including the loss of my husband, working following his death to insure both kids got through college (which they happily did!), and being able to retire happily at 60 years old.

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Ron’s Generational Wealth

Monique has been our personal financial advisor, and advisor to my family, for over 20 years. She has been an immensely compassionate and highly knowledgeable source of both comfortable and direction..

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..especially to my mother when my father passed away. Her guidance and understanding in our time of greatest need was, and continues to be, a most valuable and appreciated asset we've had for all things financial. Her assistance in the planning and preparation for my retirement has put both my wife and I in position to retire early!

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