Conquering Your Goals

Monique Marshall |

After you've tackled the project of landing on a SMART stated goal that fits you, your life and aspirations, the real work begins. Conquering your goals doesn't need to be overwhelming though and those really big goals don't have to be intimidating... It's as easy as 1, 2, 3...



It takes a considerable amount of courage to say it's time for you to tackle your goals. Having the courage to say you're ready and initating action is the first step to conquering your goals. You need courage to acknowledge that you are capable, that the time is right and that you are ready to make room in your life for success. When starting the path to accomplishing a goal you need to have courage because you cannot know where the path will take you. Many of us fear the failure and setbacks that are often found on the road to success, having the courage to start trying regardless of the outcome is half the battle- the rest is hard work.



Once you have the courage to conquer your goals, you need to challenge yourself to pursue them. The challenge is modifying your daily schedule to make room for your goals and pushing yourself to depart from what you once knew. You need to challenge yourself to take acttion on the micro steps you've laid out for yourself on the path to your goal and accept that you'll face challenges along the way in the form of everyday life events and limited time in your schedule. Challenge yourself to make the room and stay consistent in your efforts.



The third C to conquering your goals is change... specifically accepting and embracing change in your life as you get closer to your goals. Change can be uncomfortable and at times as outside distractions push their way in it can be easier to revert to previous habits. You need to embrace change to conquer your goals. Sticking to the changes you've made is easier with a support group or a person who can hold you accountable to the new standards you've set for yourself.


Have the courage to challenge yourself to change!


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