Are you preparing to transfer wealth to the next generation or have you recently inherited an estate? We work closely with multigenerational families through transitional life stages. Proper estate wealth management planning can potentially reduce taxes and preserve assets. This means more money whether you are on the receiving or giving end of the estate. We can assist in making the transfer of wealth a smoother and less complicated process.

What We Do

  • We create a detailed estate plan tailored specifically to your unique desires with an estate planning partner. 
  • We help you establish and maintain a trust that can help avoid lengthy and costly holdups for your beneficiaries.
  • We can assist you in bringing your philanthropic vision full circle with a charitable gifting plan and the establishment of a donor-advised fund.
  • We manage estate complexities and help you navigate the red tape surrounding the transfer of wealth and your inheritance. 
  • We oversee the details associated with wealth transfer at a time in your life when you may not be up for confronting them on your own.



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