Are you looking for tax efficiency in your investment strategy? Our years of experience can help you grow your savings, navigate taxes from a long-term perspective and minimize the time you have to invest into making that happen. Life is short- do you really want to spend your free time reading charts and tax tables? We can guide you to solutions and be the advocate you need in money management for your long-term wellbeing.

What We Do

  • We guide you in your unique tax scenarios from both an immediate (saving you money now) and long-term (avoiding a tax bomb when you enter retirement) approach.
  • We customize a plan for your specific tax situation that works in conjunction with your retirement plan to maximize your post-retirement income. 
  • We analyze and discuss your prior tax returns annually to insure that the opportunities available to you are being taken advantage of by you and your CPA.
  • We carry the burden of learning and understanding tax code and legislative changes as they relate to your financial plan so you don’t need to.
  • We act as an advocate your long-term interests and plan so that you can make choices with all of the information available for what may impact you now and in the future.



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