Our Wealth Management Process

As a Registered Investment Advisor, Life By Design Investment Advisory Services is held to the highest fiduciary standard and always acts in the best interest of you, our client.

Your Wealth Advisor, Monique Marshall, RMA®, AIF®, works with you to define your vision for your future, analyzes your household balance sheet on that basis and then creates your investment strategy taking current economic outlook and real-world market data into account.

Your life by design

If there is anything worth investing your time, effort or finances in, it is the goals which you have thoughtfully set for your life. The first essential pass to being able to invest in your goals is knowing what your life goals are. Our experience allows us to expertly guide you in capturing your unique vision.

Goals-based financial plan

Your personal financial plan and strategy is crafted based on your long-term life goals and review of your household balance sheet. LBDIAS exclusively offers our Investment Management services to our clients who complete the financial plan alignment process.

Retirement portfolio allocations

Your financial plan consists of four Retirement Portfolio Allocations- Growth, Income, Longevity, and Reserves- designed to support you throughout your retirement. These funds and portfolios satisfy important and different needs.

Portfolio selection

Your investment portfolios are selected based on your risk capacity and the phase of life you find yourself in- Growth, Preservation, or Distribution. Portfolios are individually aligned with retirement allocation goals. LBDIAS incorporates ESG data into our portfolio filtering to guard against risk and add value above & beyond that of your investment.

Ongoing protection & legacy

LBDIAS provides ongoing monitoring of your fundedness, risk liability, and performance throughout your wealth management journey. We make adjustments as needed in the face of ever- changing legislation and tax law to insure that your financial strategy and investments are optimized for your long-term goals.

Align Your Personal Values With Your Investments

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) data for investing started as a way to simply align your personal values with your investments.

What started as an effort to exclude stocks in companies blatantly causing harm (tobacco, nuclear weapons, etc.), over time became a way to evaluate a company’s risk beyond their reported financial data. With more investors being drawn to the idea that one can do both good and well when investing, many corporations are beginning to take notice and adopt practices that embrace this concept.

So, what exactly is ESG and why should you care?


The key issues being climate change, waste, renewable and sustainable resources and opportunities. Environmental data allows investors to understand how well a given company is doing managing resources like energy and water and preventing pollution to our air and oceans.


Issues like human rights, product liability, supply chains and benefits. Social data allows investors to understand how a company encourages diversity and inclusion.


Attention is paid to issues like ethics, incentive structures, reporting practices and corruption. Governance data allows investors to understand how a corporation manages risk and encourages labor-management harmony.


This type of information can provide investors with a more complete analysis of a company and offer better insight into risks that might not be visible on balance sheets and income statements.

This is a great opportunity for us to provide you with a portfolio solution that can add additional value over and above the goals of your investment.